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We Make It Shine

We started in 2003 providing waste collection & disposal for homes and other institutions.

Lets Clean Your Home or Business Premises Today

Over the years the company has evolved and incorporated superb, Reliable cleaning, Garden maintenance and Fumigation services for Homes and Business Premises. Of late, our quest for a safe and hygienic environment coupled with customer demand for a one stop provider of sanitary services has forced us to venture into provision of Pit Emptying and Organic Recycling services.

What We Do

We provide a wide range of services, ranging from;



Washroom, Hand and Feminine Hygiene Cleaning, General Hygiene cleaning services, | Home, Office and Commercial Institution cleaning | Specific cleaning e.g. Facades, Concrete, Stone, Windows, Walls, Ceilings | Carpet & curtain upholstery blind cleaning. | Furnishings cleaning | Computer, Wall Sockets & Telephone | Hardwood Floor maintenance cleaning | House shift cleaning | New Home cleaning | One-Off cleaning

Pit Emptying

Pit Emptying

Latrine Emptying and Cleaning

Septic tank emptying & cleaning

Public and Communal Toilet cleaning Industrial Waste Removal and Management 



Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance


Hedge Trimming

Garden Design

Grass Planting






Bat, Rats & Snake Extermination

All crawling insects

Cockroach & Mosquitoes



Organic Recycling

Garbage Sorting

Replenishing Bins

Waste Collection & Disposal

Waste Collection & Disposal

Domestic and Institution Garbage Collection

Our Vision: To be the best sanitary Service provider in Eastern Central Africa.

Goal: To provide Superb, Quality Sanitary Services unrivalled to none.

Our Mission: To Foster a Safe, Healthy & Hygienic mother earth for future generations of mothers and their children.

Core Values: Cleanliness, Integrity,Creativity, Quality & Passion.


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